First Class

Branco Siena® is one of the most used granites in Brazil. It is a standardized granite which gives visual comfort to any environment, either in the office or at home. A clear stone with light nuances allowing bold design projects combined with assorted colors in specific details which will compound with its concept.


Granites are investments that bring great return due to their durability. In several environments it is possible to notice that architecture and interior design professionals choose to use them because they are natural and have higher added value. Regarding Branco Siena® it gives us much pleasure to have the best market acceptance because it is a widely used material which fully meets the needs of the most demanding projects.

No oxidation

A great thing about Branco Siena®? IT DOES NOT OXIDE. When you choose Branco Siena® for your construction rest assured that you will be able to use it in outdoor areas exposed to sea spray and in contact with metals. Several tests performed by our team and constant petrographic analysis have proved that there is no pH reaction when exposed to those elements, which means that your Branco Siena® will retain a fresh appearance longer. Request the petrographic analysis from our commercial department.

Excelent in any environment

Whenever we talk about Branco Siena®, we speak with pride. We are proud of every construction work, each developed project and, mainly, we are proud of the thousands of square meters covered with this material in a variety of places in Brazil and abroad. Innovative projects ranging from bathrooms to shopping centers all having the Branco Siena® brand.

Originality and modernity in one product

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